STROOM business space: Media art installation in the lobby


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In this project, we figured out how to combine light that changes according to the day and affects people's activity, and light architecture of space, connecting it with changes in shape, speed and style of dynamic light 3D sculpture, which adorns the super modern lobby of the business center .

This is one of the first business centers in Ukraine, where the lobby is equipped with full automatic biodynamic lighting. In addition, there we placed a 3D media projection that visualizes the energy inherent in each day. The lighting scenarios in the lobby change throughout the day and suit every mood of the business center. All this is controlled by our Expolight Cloud Control System cloud server.

The image of the media art installation of four super-powerful ultra-wide focal projectors is sewn into a single image, and the projectors themselves are built in at a great angle so that there are no shadows from people passing by.

Entering the spacious morning lobby invigorating and invigorating, you may not recognize the same space, rebuilt with light for the late evening atmosphere. Scenarios change not only in lighting, but also in media projection, adapting to the mood of the time.
For example, in the morning it is calm flowing water, an invigorating atmosphere; during the day - liquid metal, electrons, for active imaginary activity; and in the evening - atmospheric oil lamp, party mood; and for the late evening the atmosphere is tuned for relaxation. This projection with content that adapts to the rhythm of the building's life has become a great Instagram place for colorful selfies.