We have been combining technology and aesthetics for over 20 years. The Expolight team has implemented over 1,500 projects of various levels of complexity worldwide. We are the undisputed leaders in the field of lighting design in Ukraine and one of the strongest in the world, confirmed by numerous victories in global competitions.

Our projects combine traditional lighting design and unique solutions integrated as elements of media architecture. The Expolight team develops special software and creates a concept from meaning to content, from content creation to object narrative. Thanks to R&D, we develop our unique lamps and lighting equipment for most projects, which are successfully integrated into the object.

The Expolight team creates unique interactive city-scale media solutions and elements of city branding that broadcast values and change the image of large cities. The company's projects increasingly border on light art.

Clients value us for comprehensiveness, creativity and striving for innovation in everything. And we, in turn, cooperate with those who seek creativity in their activities, constant development and improvement.

Our development and implementation of the lighting project consist of the following stages:

Conceptual design
  • Analytical stage;
  • Conceptual design;
  • Experiments with lighting effects on the object;
  • Visualization materials;
Research & design
  • Identification of specific needs for the project and development of individual solutions;
  • Hardware development or specific configurations;
  • Expolight Cloud Control System (development and continuous process of expanding the functionality of our own cloud service according to the directions of the company's development);
  • Our own production of individual light glass sculptures under the Optical Metaphor brand;
  • Production of individual lighting equipment;
Detailed design

Preparation of technical and engineering documentation individually to the needs of the project:

  • working project;
  • technical tasks;
  • development of tasks for specific individual equipment for manufacturers;
  • equipment layout and connection diagrams;
  • light calculations;
  • development of panel equipment;
  • architecture of controllers for system management etc.

The author's accompaniment

Implementation and assistance
  • Equipment supply from Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers;
  • Installation work;
  • Technical assistance;

Author support for conceptual design project solutions:

  • location adjustment;
  • alignment;
  • etc.
  • Creation of individual light scenarios and schedules for equipment operation;
  • Start-up and commissioning works;
Media content and apps
  • Development of standard and individual interfaces for managing light and interactive content for projects;
  • Development of applications with capabilities:
  • interactions;
  • remote control;
  • Development of websites for project ideology with the possibility of further support;
  • Content development for current and already implemented projects (for screens and projectors); development of holograms and 3D;
  • Organization and support of photo and video shoots for marketing purposes;
Service support
  • Warranty service;
  • Current technical maintenance;
  • Post-warranty service;
  • Modernization of existing projects.
Our awards
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