Park of culture and rest named by M.O.Hurov


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Park of culture and rest named by M.O.Hurov is one of the light magnets not only in Mariupol, but also in Ukraine.

We wanted to show that Mariupol is a city by the sea and by the river. In our glassblowing workshop, we developed special lamps with custom caustic lenses that simulate the effect of water and transform the park's main pedestrian alley into a river bed that rushes to the sea.

On the platform near the central fountain, we created a special device that passes a moving coherent laser beam through a prism molten from glass, which is also in motion. The prism is also made in our glass-blowing workshop and has a non-uniform thickness with beads that irregularly refract light and create color changes. Thanks to this, a dynamically changing color spectrum appears on the footpath, reminiscent of the waves of a multicolored sea.

We also worked on the lighting of the central fountain. RGB luminaires are installed in nozzles, from which both water jets and steam come out simultaneously. Steam serves as an additional element for a spectacular show, during which lasers mounted on supports near the fountain pierce the steam with dynamic horizontal beams and create the effect of clouds and waves overhead.

Music, colored steam, jet illumination and laser movement are combined in such a way that a very strong emotional experience arises, as if you are under water. Laser content is varied in tempo, rhythm and color, and in addition to the effect of waves, it also complements the space with a light pattern of projections on the trees growing behind the fountain opposite the lasers.

We also wanted to highlight the large number of preserved old park trees and create the feeling of a forest in the middle of the city. For this, we carried out jewelry work with shadows from trees and, where they were not enough, enhanced the effect with specially designed shadow stencils in custom lamps made for this purpose, creating a special chamber atmosphere in the evening.

On one of the shady alleys of the park, we have created the first of its kind in Ukraine permanent light installation "Breathing Trees". In which the smoothly changing lighting of the trees is combined into a single seasonal light picture with themed music. This entire installation creates a relaxing mood that corresponds to each season.

Dynamic laser caustics, jet and steam lights, music and horizontal lasers that create shows at the main fountain are controlled by our cloud server, which also controls the music and lighting scenarios in the Breathing Trees installation. This server allows us to remotely program the operation of our facilities around the globe.