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UNIT CITY: the first public space in Ukraine with full-timebiodynamic light.

This project is especially pleasant for us, as it is part of our lighting solution for UNIT.City - a whole mini-city of innovations in Kyiv, for which we have been developing and implementing a comprehensive lighting master plan for several years!

The lighting of this area varies depending on the time of day: at the end of the working day, the neutral light is smoothly turned on, which supports work activity. Then it warms up and gradually adjusts to rest, and late in the evening it becomes more contrasting and chamber, showing carved shadows.

This area is surrounded by working and residential campuses. During the day it is used for business meetings and coffee breaks, and in the evening, it becomes a place for dates and relaxing. We analyzed the logic and logistics of space and created a lighting solution that not only combines architectural objects, but also created the most comfortable conditions for work and for everyday recreation.

We have developed special lamps with custom filters that create patterns of shadows from the branches. Due to this, with the help of the play of light and shadow, we have strengthened the feeling of unity with nature in the middle of a noisy city.

Also, due to the light, we shifted the balance of paving and trees, made extremely low light, slightly illuminating only the greenery and shadows from it. This created a unique cozy atmosphere of a shady park on the whole area, although the trees are only on the perimeter.

A clever algorithm that controls the illumination of bentaboxes, tracks the rhythms of seasonal changes in the biological cycles of plants and changes their illumination, enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the season. For this purpose, sophisticated custom software was developed, which is controlled by a single system of our cloud server.

We wanted this area to become a piece of nature at the epicenter of technology. And we did it! Sophisticated biodynamic lighting without harsh light, flooding and gently illuminating the greenery, created the perfect atmosphere for the moon and stars to slowly complete their working evening.

Kyiv is a city of innovations, and Unit City is the first and, we hope, in the future not the only public space in Ukraine with a full-fledged biodynamic light and a finely tuned atmosphere.