Boulevard on Pivdenna street


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The main dominant of the boulevard is the longest artificial stream in Ukraine, 200m long, as well as the 7m Atlant sculpture. At this place 100 years ago, the underground river Polovitsa flowed, the channel of which was placed in a collector. Therefore, we devoted a lot of time to finding solutions, modeling nodes and recreating the layout of the stream.

The entire lighting concept of the boulevard is built around the manifestation of the theme of water. To add a corner of nature among urbanization and return to modern residents this ancient river, which was walled up underground.

We have selected special diodes with a spectrum that allows you to convey the natural shades of pure water. Curving along its entire length, the stream lighting looks different because we have developed individual turning radii along the entire length of the stream.

The task was to create the illusion that water is running along the stream due to the dynamics of light. Individual light nodes and dynamic lighting programs create the effect of a flowing stream, even when the water is drained from the channel for the winter.

In the pedestrian plane, we used gobo projectors that create the effect of rippling water on the boulevard cobblestones, simulating natural reflections from a stream in the center of a million-plus city.

The lighting design of the boulevard is designed so as not to create excessive light pollution, while remaining functional and aesthetic, leaving the main light accent on the stream.

All lighting elements of the boulevard are combined by a control system that allows you to change the intensity of light in accordance with the time of day.

We have done a lot of work to softly and harmoniously fit the 7-meter Atlant sculpture into the lighting design of the boulevard. The “torn” plasticity of the form and the accent arrangement demanded a filigree selection of optics and lighting fixtures.

The lighting of the boulevard is connected with the lighting of the facade of the modern residential complex Yekaterinoslavsky-I. Its illumination is carried out by linear media light, which forms the atmosphere of the surrounding space through a variety of color and dynamic solutions. Illumination of the building from below with lamps built into the ground emphasizes the texture of the facade finish and affects the overall illumination of the territory.

Completely invisible on the facade during the day, the lamps in the evening dynamically emphasize the tectonics of the new complex and harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the illumination of the boulevard. For residents of the house from the inside, facade lighting is also imperceptible, because. Structurally excluded light from entering the windows. We have developed a number of static scenarios for everyday use and dynamic colorful modes for holidays and significant events.