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STROOM business space is a new modern facility in the very center of the Dnipro.

The task for highlighting the upper high glass part of the PSHKN business center was to “dissolve” this glass part and make it a mirror mirage in the sky, reminiscent of sunset reflections on the clouds.

To do this, we have developed a special design of custom lamps that are mounted directly on the ribs of the building. We wanted to get away from stamps in the illumination of glass edges, so we developed a special content that illuminates no more than 30% of the facade contours at the same time. Due to such a flow of light waves, the contours of the building are not read and the upper part does not even feel material!

This facade is connected to our Expolight Cloud Control System cloud server. We took into account the vast world experience and created one of the most advanced cloud management for architectural lighting in the world, which we continue to strengthen, improve, make it more convenient to use and which allows us to upload and manage media content remotely.