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Bar ZMIST Kyiv is another exciting project in which we comprehensively developed architectural lighting, media projection, and caustic sconces of our own glass-blowing company Optical Metaphor. Especially for this object, we set lamps with narrow directional beams. We positioned them in such a way as to create sliding light and show shadows. Natural elements are used in interior design, and working with them, creating pictures on the ceiling with shadows of leaves, is an absolute pleasure.

We carefully worked out the percentages of the ratio of brightness, intensity, and accentuation of light for day and night lighting. We tied all lighting elements into a single control system that allows changing scenarios, providing a comfortable light atmosphere corresponding to human biorhythms. Scenario changes occur automatically on a schedule, with a smooth transition from morning mode to daytime, evening, and late night. Taking into account modern trends, we selected the lighting so that it is suitable for both selfies and Instagram photos of food.

Lighting, media projection, and glassblowing products are connected using our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System - this way. We can control the lighting on the object from different points of the globe.