Crystal Park Tower


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The concept of the Crystal Park Tower residential complex project is a combination of quiet nature and residential buildings near the park named after Pushkin in the center of the capital. Therefore, our task was to emphasize with light the natural component inside the residential complex, which makes it one whole with the surrounding park environment. We avoided excessive daylight, which contributes to the light pollution of the domain. At the same time, the warm tones of the lighting are selected in such a way that the building fits into the warm tones of the surrounding nature.
Accent light reveals the corners of the building and makes it recognizable in the city panorama. We decided not to flood the entire facade with light but narrowly illuminated only the edges, emphasizing the relief and cascading shape with unconventional lighting from top to bottom. We also paid a lot of attention to light-blocking curtains that prevent light from entering the windows.
All the equipment selected for the building is smoked, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting when it gets dark. Thanks to this, the lighting power drops to 50% at midnight and to 20% by early morning. All lamps are connected in a single system, which is controlled by our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System.