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Rooftop by Brooks is a restaurant with a wonderful view of the central part of Dnipro city on the roof of the PSHKN business space, where we used to illuminate the facade, lobby with media screen and BROOKS eats & drinks lighting. We also shared this idea and resumed our work on projects at the beginning of the war, showing that we do not give up and believe in victory. 

At Rooftop, we wanted to convey the relaxed atmosphere of the place, which in the morning is a coffee shop with fragrant pastries and coffee, and in the evening turns into a bright bar with comfortable and cozy light. It is interesting that previously in such open institutions, almost no complex controlled scenario lighting was used. For Rooftop, we installed more than 50 groups of lamps with our modules and different types of optics, which are combined into light scenarios for morning and evening, as well as a separate “party” scenario for parties and celebrations. In addition, we highlighted the plants and sculptures with light so that the light sources were located below eye level and did not dazzle.