TERRA Emily Restaurant


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This restaurant is one of the many components of a vast complex, where we were lucky enough to show an unsurpassed design with light. Working with the TERRA space was exciting and inspiring. Interior design is rich in textural materials - glass, clay, and wood. We like to work with them because they are always unique, and with light, you can very coolly emphasize and enhance the relief and tactility of the materials. Especially for this object and to improve the uniqueness of the reserve, we developed lamps with directed super narrow beams. We positioned them in such a way as to create sliding light and show shadows. A separate enjoyable task was working with highlights because there are a lot of glass elements in this restaurant, including custom ones.
We tied all the lighting elements into a single control system that allows you to change scenarios, providing a comfortable light atmosphere corresponding to human biorhythms and modes. One of the tasks was to help the establishment transform from a Swedish line in the morning to a top restaurant in the evening. With magical light, we radically change the atmosphere thanks to lighting scenarios. Scenario changes occur automatically on a schedule, with a smooth transition from morning mode to daytime, evening, and late night.
We developed many custom lamps for the TERRA restaurant, spent about two months programming and adjusting the lighting scenarios, and then many more nights in a row of final polishing to achieve such a result. We connect such subtle settings and complex interfaces into one with the help of our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System, with which we can control the lighting on the object from different points of the globe.
After each night of adjustments, you see how the space, from just beautiful, becomes even more beautiful and exciting, truly magical, and it's an incredible feeling when the whole team looks at the result and rejoices at such success.
Emphasizing the restaurant's belonging to its natural surroundings, we illuminated the trees on the terrace in such a way as to paint the ceiling with shadows from leaves and twigs. The caustic effect on the nearby path only brings visitors closer to the feeling of being near the forest and the lake. I want to tell you a lot about the territory and the magical forest, the view of which opens from the restaurant and its terrace, but more on that later.