Arena Tower Business Center


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Since the business center is located almost at the highest point of the Dnipro, on the top of the central slope, it is one of the landmarks in the city panorama and can be seen from the other bank and bridges. Therefore, we wanted to combine the static illumination of the side fragments of the facade with the middle part of the media interactive screen integrated into the facade, which is invisible during the day.

Interactive media elements were specially designed in such a way to soften the brightness of the reflected light and increase the comfort of perception. In short: the node is created so that the diodes we observe do not shine immediately outward but inward and do not irritate the eyes.

Although at first glance, it seems that the surface of the side part of the facade is gradually illuminated with a gradient, this is not the case. With us, everything is as usual - the complicated has been made simple. As a result, we have another media facade that is unique in terms of technology.