Lobby of the Emily Resort hotel complex


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We were fortunate to develop and implement the lighting design for the lobby of the Emily Resort hotel complex. The main star of the lobby is an impressive tree with branches and roots suspended as if in space, symbolizing the generations of the family. And with him were the most exciting tasks of this project!

The idea behind the lighting was to create a suspended weightless tree sculpture as a bright accent and to cover the entire floor and walls with complex organic shadow patterns and additional tree reflections in partially glass vertical surfaces.

For the wood to be an accent, we needed to avoid lighting the walls and floor and generally avoid bright additional glare so that nothing would compete with the reflection of the wood in the glass. And it was challenging to do since we wanted to make large shadows repeating the tree's shape along with the roots on the two side walls, and, accordingly, we had to cover large surfaces with flood lights. They had to be cut with scissors precisely along the broken lines of the contour of the tree with the help of complex custom curtains and lenses. In addition, we wanted to stretch and multiply the shadows from the roots to the entire surface of the floor of the forehead, but in such a way that no light sources could be seen from any angle.

For this, we had to specially design and manufacture individual lamps of several types, which are hidden in inconspicuous and non-random places on the walls, ceiling and even hidden in the long roots of trees, lenses, and secondary light-forming accessories to draw contrasting shadows on the walls and floor with light, complementing the natural lobby atmosphere. In addition, we made the tree reflected in the dark glass, so this stunning sculpture seems to multiply itself into several copies thanks to the play of light, shadows, and reflections.

At the same time, very subtle lighting settings were required to not overlight other areas of the lobby interior, correctly distribute the accents on the wood, and create a comfortable light for guests that will not dazzle: a million experiments, tests on the spot. Refinement of optical systems and light-blocking accessories and the spare part was solved!

But 50 or even more percent of the effect is creative work on the spot for setting up and carefully programming dozens of light groups in the scenography. Creation of scenarios. For each time of the day, be it morning or late night, separate lighting scenarios have been developed, which we adjust and adjust through our software and the Expolight Cloud Control System.