Chandelier in the B14 UNIT.City business space


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It was a magical and exciting experience working with the talented Victoria Yakusha and her team Yakusha, who designed this chandelier and the interior of the hall. We, in turn, developed the architectural and lighting design, and the chandelier was created according to their sketches. Unit.City is a place of sustainable development and modern technology. The B14 campus is located near the main square of the innovation city, which is decorated in the style of Japanese minimalism. As the chandelier is visible from the square, we wanted it to continue the philosophy of combining simple design, aesthetics, sustainability and technology.
Together with the designers, we developed a form of glass tubes that would give a laconic shape and show the play of light. We selected the optimal length and width of the pipes so that they fill the space with sunlight as harmoniously as possible and also developed safe fasteners so that they do not move away from drafts.
In our Optical Metaphor glassblowing workshop, we analyzed the angle of the sun's rays and placed glass prisms on the chandelier to best match its shape. The volumes were designed to be well received in the hall and the square. It is a glass sculpture that harmoniously combines with the overall lighting concept of Unity City.