Chandelier in the Arena Tower business center


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In our Optical Metaphor glassblowing workshop, we started the search for a chandelier composition from linear forms. After a series of experiments and juxtapositions, we arrived at the most potent forms. It was also essential to consider how the sculpture is perceived from the street and whether the whole picture will not be disturbed when creating an entirely different perspective.

We design all glass objects precisely in the context of their combination with light. Light enhances the properties of glass and creates ideal conditions for manifesting its capabilities. Taking this as a basis, we decided to go even further and selected the glass parts interspersed with bubbles and unusual fibers that receive the directed light to reveal synergy, transparency, and materiality.

The lighting of the hall and the chandelier are connected by biodynamics. Every hour, the light and its temperature slowly change, adapting to the life of the business center and creating its unique atmosphere, which is visible even from the street. In the morning, it is a cheerful light that sets the mood for a productive working day. During the day, it warms up, and already in the evening sets you up for a cozy atmosphere of rest.
We love complex tasks, where we not only create a light design but also consider how to complement the interior with a light-glass sculpture. 

Each work of Optical Metaphor is thought out to the smallest detail - starting from calculating the proportions of space, functions, logistics of perception and ending with the development of form and modules. We treat each chandelier as a sculpture and an integral part of the space, the creation of which is a multi-level process, which is why working on them is so interesting.

Thinking about how to fill the elements of the chandelier for ARENA TOWER, we created not just glass blocks but unique and diverse elements, each of which plays with light individually and differently. The mirror surface of the ceiling made of stainless steel adds highlight and volume to the chandelier, which helps to reveal the shape from different angles.

Individual work with glass in our glassblowing workshop Optical Metaphor allows us to reveal the play of light and shadow fully. And light, in its turn, will enable you to maximize space and architecture.