Chandelier in Bartolomeo Resort Town residential complex


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Our team filled the room with aesthetic, highly functional light and also worked out the meaningful filling of the space.

With pleasure and inspiration, we developed a unique light-glass sculpture at our Optical Metaphor glassblowing facility, taking into account the essential details: the variable ceiling height and the complex volume of the space. All the modules of the chandelier are made in the form of glass leaves - diverse and unsurpassed, like real leaves, which we placed somewhere more densely and sparsely. The chandelier is made as a sculpture for a specific space and meaningful content, which we elaborate on thoroughly.

The vortex's appearance strengthens the residential complex's connection with nature. The Bartolomeo Resort Town complex consists of four towers, each of which has its name and its concept: Green Tower, Sky Tower, Sun Tower, and Stone Tower. Our team worked specifically with the Green Tower, and the chandelier in the form of a swirl of leaves became an integral part of the philosophy of this tower.

And have you noticed what wonderful natural shadows the chandelier creates thanks to these leaves?

Individual work with glass in our glassblowing workshop Optical Metaphor allows us to reveal the play of light and shadow fully. And light, in its turn, will enable you to maximize space and architecture. We have an individual approach for each project because each chandelier should not only be beautiful. We are always for the fact that each of our works is integrated into the philosophy of space and is filled with meaning.