Unity day: Dnipro Light Flowers


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The largest flag in the world is launched over Dnipro.

By the day of reunion, the yellow and blue lights and lasers of the Dnipro Light Flowers installation, which go more than 10 km into the sky, have joined together to declare to the world again and again that our country is one, free, beautiful and independent.

5 former factory tubes covered with 5,500 light pixels, each crowned by a super powerful light laser, more powerful than ever before in Ukraine, have become a symbol of hope, peace and unity - the Flag of Ukraine. Even the world's largest physical flags do not exceed a few hundred meters. Thanks to the light, we made such a flag that rises in the sky for kilometers and is able to ignite the fire of hope and confidence in the heart of every inhabitant of Ukraine.

The Dnieper is wonderfu.
Ukraine is one.
Let's love and cherish our Ukraine together.