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Completed a lighting project for the POLITEHNIKUM BISTRO restaurant. Our task was to make such lighting that would be comfortable for a quick snack, and for evening parties behind the bar.

The main feature of this institution is the moon, made by craftsmen from Ukraine according to individual sketches. We illuminated it with a combination of external and internal light, thereby revealing the shape and all the recesses, making it as realistic as possible. We made the outer light more accent, and the inner one - sliding. And the brightness was adjusted so that they achieved the effect of the moon glowing from the inside.

The lighting of all spaces of the restaurant is subject to the principles of biodynamics and changes synchronously with the time of day: soft and calm - for the morning, contrasting and saturated - for parties. Such a variety of light scenes completely changes the mood of the interior and gives guests the feeling that every time you come to a new place. We always develop software that allows you to easily change the atmosphere of the interior through the control panel during the day.

It was a very interesting task with many nuances that we had to work on. The end result is a finely tuned light that strikes the right balance between budget and quality.