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The creation of these "bamboo" lamps has become for us the most important and most enjoyable part of the work. Together with the architects, we designed and created these luminaires specifically for this project. Only in this way, working on them with the help of our teams, we were able to realize all the parameters necessary for the project, and the assembly of lamps by our team with the selection of components allowed us to maintain the optimal balance of budget and quality for such individual unique products.

A luminous bamboo forest has been interpreted into the space of the restaurant. With the help of this light installation, you can change the mood of the interior according to the time of day, the type of event, and so on. Each of the more than 100 light groups we carefully worked out by percentage of brightness in conjunction with all the other groups, like the nuanced setting of a stage light. The emotion and atmosphere of the space should be different for different times of the day, so we set up the light scenes separately for morning, afternoon and evening.

The atmosphere of the interior is easy to change during the day through the control panel, for which we always develop software. In a bamboo forest, you can reproduce the smooth transitions of colors and the saturation of the lighting of the entire space. At the time of design, we settled on the colors of the Korean flag: white, blue and red. The lighting of all spaces of the restaurant is subject to the principles of biodynamics and changes according to the time of day and activity: soft and calm for the morning, contrasting and saturated for parties. Such a variety of light scenes allows you to completely change the mood of the interior, and the guests - how to come to a new place every time.

Behind this, there are always numerous trial inclusions, often in debates within the team, with architects and the client. Truth is born in discussions and discussions! And when finally all the fixtures are aimed, the shades are selected in adjustable groups, the atmospheric light magic begins.

Light brings a unique emotional experience, and in restaurants, emotions and atmosphere are especially important.