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We were completely captivated by the unrealistically cool architectural space of this restaurant, and after all, its building is already more than two hundred years old. Samna's interior features solid oak, leather, steel and lots and lots of copper. The combination of all these chips created their own recognizable image. Noble, respectable and at the same time brave!

Together with the architects, on the basis of their principal ideas, we refined the design, designed lighting solutions and created the design of lamps so that they emphasized the vaulted architecture of the hall. We managed to pleasantly revive the monochrome textured interior of the restaurant. Using special reflectors, we created a warm orange glow palette that added warm and soft copper tones. The narrow-beam spotlights bounce off copper plates suspended from the ceiling and cast accent spots of light onto the tables.

Nuance worked out the percentages of the ratio of brightness, intensity, light accent for day and night lighting. Taking into account current trends, we selected the lighting so that it is also suitable for selfies.
I appreciate the opportunity to work with a team of architects who generate similar design ideas - unusual, eye-catching. That is why it is especially interesting for us to get involved in such projects, which we additionally enhance with light and add some of our unique features.