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We recreated the atmosphere from the FILM “GENTLEMEN” in the restaurant THIS IS PIVBAR

The establishment is unusual because of its multi-level halls, only one of which receives natural sunlight. In halls where full sunlight does not penetrate, we recreated it ourselves with the help of a biodynamic lighting system. It changes according to the time of day and activity in the restaurant: for lunch and daylight hours, these are soft and calm tones, and for parties and watching sports, they are contrasting and saturated.

The secret of this Brewery's success lies in the close intersection of design, lighting technology and our own glass production.

Especially for solving such interesting and non-standard tasks, we opened our glass-blowing workshop - Optical Metaphor from Expolight. It allows us to create craft lamps that accentuate even the most complex design. For THIS IS PIVBAR, we have designed a special chandelier that gives a soft accent light and is linked to the overall biodynamic light control system. We worked closely with Pivbar architects to make the lighting and chandelier not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. Six sources, integrated into the body of the chandelier, are arranged so that the tables and the common room are illuminated. And the light sources in the chandelier itself reveal its unusual shape.

When we take on new projects, there are a lot of experiments going on in our lab, and it's just the coolest feeling when, after long hours in the lab, you can finally see such a gorgeous result, when light takes shape.