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BROOKS eats & drinks is a multi-format restaurant that changes depending on the time of day. In the morning it is a bakery where you can go for coffee with delicious pastries. During the day you can order full lunches and dinners, and in the evening - sit with a cocktail at a cool bar. Inside the restaurant is imbued with the atmosphere of New York.

We had a task: with the help of light to make the institution cozy for every day, and at the same time emphasize its diversity.

The lighting of the restaurant is subject to the principles of biodynamics and changes synchronously with the time of day: soft and calm - in the morning, contrasting and saturated - for parties. Light is the best tool for transforming space, and in Brooks it turned out very cool!

This variety of lighting scenes completely changes the mood of the interior and gives guests the feeling that every time you come to a new place. In all our projects, we always develop software that allows you to easily change the atmosphere of the interior through the control panel during the day.

We are very glad that from the very beginning the restaurant is still full of visitors who liked the new establishment.