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Our lighting of the first of the three futuristic Taryan Towers already emphasizes it in the evening panorama of Kyiv. We continue to work on the next two! It’s the most complex project, where we developed not only the light, but also the structure, starting cooperation at the design stage together with the British architect John Dawes.

Such a project even conquered the world, becoming the best high-rise residential complex in Europe and the world 2020-2021 in the international competition International Property Awards.

Taryan Towers are ultra-modern towers of the future, Dubai architecture in the very center of Kyiv. The most responsible location and bionic curvilinear forms made me work hard. There were no ready-made solutions for this project. We have developed here not only the lighting itself, but also the entire construct integrated into the facade structures. This is a special curved pipe with a diameter of 500 mm, which repeats all the curves of the facades and hides the necessary equipment. The design of this lighting system is made in such a way that the light is not direct, but reflected, i.e. the light sources are directed inward at the surface of the pipe, hidden by the perforated metal, and we end up with soft reflected light. To achieve the desired effect of depth and glow volume, special optics were selected, and many trial inclusions were carried out.

All lighting is media and dynamic. We are developing several variants of illumination generated on the basis of open data about the life of Kyiv.

Now only the first tower has been illuminated, in the future all three towers and the surrounding area will work as an integrated system. And all of them will be combined into a single management system, for which we develop our own special software.