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We have emphasized the facade of the modern Katerynoslavsky-I LCD with linear LED luminaires custom-designed for this project with carefully designed components for the integration of luminaires into different types of facade materials. Completely invisible on the facade during the day, the lamps in the evening dynamically emphasize the tectonics of the new complex and harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the boulevard lighting. For the occupants of the house from the inside, the facade lighting is also invisible, as light is structurally excluded from the windows.

And of course, don't forget to add a bit of exploit magic - a series of static scenarios for everyday use and dynamic colorful modes for holidays and iconic events.

The work on the architectural lighting of this facade on Shevchenko Street was especially interesting and valuable for us. Interesting in its complexity.

First, the illumination of such an unusual boulevard (such as a long winding stream, which should be light in summer and winter, as well as a 7-meter sculpture of Atlanta) requires non-standard solutions and linking the ideology of lighting with the dominant lighting. architectural object.

And secondly, this facade and boulevard has become the connecting link between the already huge complex of the Dnieper, which we have been working on for more than 15 years, and the new huge part of the building that develops this area, which we are currently working on.

In fact, it was work with the lighting master plan of this new demonstration area. For us, tasks of this scale are the most interesting and responsible.