Interactive application with laser projection on Bankova street


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In the centre of the capital on the street. Bankova launched an interactive application with which everyone can create their own Christmas tree decoration with meaning. Now the people of Kyiv and guests of the city can launch their laser projection on the facade and, with the help of the meanings embedded in each symbol and colour, congratulate each guest of the square. The application unites people and crushes the opportunity to feel like a part of a big family, like in childhood, when everyone gathered to decorate the Christmas tree.

This is probably the most beautiful application we have created for such public interactives. Starting from the day of St. Nicholas and until February, every evening, 30 minutes after sunset, an interactive is launched on the facade, which can be accessed through a light QR code; by scanning it, a colourful web application opens in the browser, which does not need to be downloaded. It immediately prompts the user to choose one of six semantic decorations:


- the tree symbolises the wish for good health

- snowman wishes merry and joyful holidays

- gingerbread wishes interesting adventures

- the toy wishes solid and sincere friendship

- a gift wishes good mood and positive emotions

- the angel wishes for the fulfilment of dreams


Then you need to choose one of six colours, each of which symbolises something: love, prosperity, health, creativity, inspiration, joy. The last stage is the choice of animation with which a unique toy will appear on the facade.

From concept and content to technical and graphical implementation, the entire application was developed and implemented within Expolight by our IT team and designers. Interactive decorations are simultaneously launched onto the facade from 10 lasers and synchronised into a typical server-controlled complex system.