Dnipro Light Flowers


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Dnipro Light Flowers is geographically the world's largest post-industrial light installation operating as a single system. Thirteen factory pipes, scattered across the entire panorama of the left bank for 7 km, will be connected by a complex control system into a single synchronous laser-light system.

One of the project's objectives is to transform the enduring association of Dnipro as an industrial centre into a new image of an innovative and sustainable city worth visiting. the former industrial area on the left bank has been preserved

Every evening, the pixelated light sources on the chimney are painted in shades of the sunset of the passing day. A camera is installed at the top of the pipe, which takes a photo of the sunset every evening. A unique server process this data, select the characteristic shades of the sky and colours the line with light. The sunsets but dresses the installation in its spectrum, prolonging the life of the already gone evening for a couple of hours.

A single control system allows the pipes to work in sync and create a unique high-tech show, amplifying everything with audio effects on specially equipped viewing platforms.

With the help of lasers, previously smoking chimneys receive a new image of blossoming light flowers - a symbol of life and development. Light "fireworks" will become an environmentally friendly attribute of city and world holidays, and every evening, according to the schedule, you can see a laser light show with audio accompaniment.

Dnipro is gradually moving from an industrial city to an innovative and technological one. Dnipro Light Flowers is a new iconic symbol of the city, which helped take a big step towards transforming the city.