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Our reception area and the wall behind it became a canvas for permanent dynamic 3D mapping with generative video content tailored to the particular complex shape of the “canvas”. These two screens work as a single system controlled by one video server; due to this, the content we create flows from one canvas to another.

Permanent media installations integrated into space are a separate niche. Unlike event/temporary installations, they must constantly work, automatically and stably.

We installed two projectors built-in at a high angle so that there are no shadows from people passing by. It was essential to place the projectors aesthetically and functionally so that they were not noticeable and to develop content that did not betray the boundaries of planes that were not entirely covered by the projection. To do this, we came up with a decorative furniture element - a log that hides the projector and perfectly complements the office's interior.

Together with the projections, general lighting of the interior was developed, taking into account the projection specifics, the necessary accents and functions, so that the available light fulfils its primary task and, at the same time, does not illuminate the projections.

Such solutions are feasible in offices, apartments, and restaurants.

We always strive to look for unusual solutions using even the usual well-known technologies!