Permanent laser-light installation


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Our permanent laser-light installation "Transformation through history" unfolded fully on Khortitsa. Nobody in the world has done this before!

Typically, such installations are event-based. We gave every visitor of Khortytsia, regardless of the holidays, not only to see a unique musical laser light show but also to interact with it on their own through an application launched from their smartphone!

The entire application and media show, from the concept and semantic content to the most complex technical and graphic implementation, was developed and implemented by our IT team and designers within the company.

We developed the structure and logic of the application, together with the Ministry of Culture, we did copyright of historical and local history articles to fill the sections, performed musical compositing, dealt with R&D and the hard part of the equipment itself so that later we could link all this with our robust cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System, which manages all our large-scale projects around the world and which in this project unfolded in full force.

As soon as it gets dark on the street, a light QR code appears on the museum's observation deck in Khortytsya; after scanning it, a colourful web application opens in the browser, which does not need to be downloaded. It immediately prompts the user to select one of the sections: flora, fauna, Cossacks, tourism or information about the city. There are 3-4 more subcategories in each section where you can read an educational report and then start your mini-show with music in real-time.

In this project, several more unique chips were combined. Due to the implementation complexity, 3D mapping on natural objects is rarely used in world practice. But we, having assessed the situation on the spot, saw that the huge 16-meter Hill of Unity is already, in some sense, a screen and contains the wealthiest layers of history, which only need to be shown with light using media projection and enhance the impression with the help of laser symbols.

Laser graphics in the sky is an entirely new technique that no one has done before in permanent installations. To do this, we have designed a super-powerful laser, the likes of which have never been seen in Ukraine before.