Chandelier в Chicago Central House


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Designed and implemented spatial glass composition by the forces of our glass-blowing brand Expolight ArtGlass in the voluminous interior space of our media sculpture in the Chicago Cental House LCD

Our main idea was to make modules showing glass in three different states: transparent, matte and mirror, to form a random installation from them, which diversifies the space, and further expand this space with mirrors.

A vortex of many beautiful elements, seven rings rising to a height of 4.5 meters.

572 modules about 30-40 cm each

7 rings of modules up to 2.5 m in diameter

Several kilometers of suspension cables

The surface of each module is partially transparent with wave-like influxes for the effective refraction of light and caustics, partially matte to receive light and show shape, and partially mirrored to reflect light and create clear reflections. The ratio of these surface types on each module is different, unique. And together they are formed into a multilevel ring composition, interacting differently with light from one angle or another.

In parallel with the development of modules, they were looking for an option for the placement paths, the configuration of modular vortices. They made mocapas in search of form, texture, proportions, experimented with light, modeled in 3d, assembled prototypes. Immediately at the design stage, the lighting part was developed.

We approach each Expolight ArtGlass project in a comprehensive manner, investing as much as possible. This is how an exciting and pleasing result of work is created.