Lighting of the restaurant TAINO and Yopo Tiki Bar in Punto Cana, Dominican Republic

Punto Cana

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The lighting of the restaurant-and-entertainment complex in the Dominican Republic is our uncommon project with many unique features.

Located in Punto Cana, the Dominican Republic, the object has an unusual sunlight mode if compared with our latitudes. To create the restaurant and bar lighting, we explored how light and shadows worked in this particular area, experimented with shadow formation through the interior elements made of natural and artificial materials.

In the light scenes formation, it was necessary to take into account that in equatorial latitudes, the sunlight penetrating into the rooms is really intense. Therefore, daylight and evening artificial lighting, in this case, contrast significantly with each other, so that during the day the artificial light and shadows performed well, despite the intense daylight. To reach that, we used light sources with a broad delta of brightness: their evening brightness is 1% of the daytime brightness. It was interesting to work with the textures of unusual natural materials: gabions with shells instead of stones, panels of woven palm leaves, the local type of stone made of sand and shells. Palm leaves and gabions allowed for creating a beautiful pattern of shadows. Working with stone facades, we were looking for the balance of the RGB-shades of light, selecting the proper range. As a result, the facades are illuminated with soft coral and warm white shades.

A distinctive element of the interior is an installation on the ceiling of the restaurant. It’s made of recycled rubber and symbolizes coral reefs whose existence is threatened by the ecological situation. We have implemented a complex system of lighting through these “corals” using lamps with three types of optics. Some lamps create openwork shadows at certain angles while the others set light accents on the tables or provide general binding light.