Catch Seafood Restaurant


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Catch Seafood Restaurant is a fish restaurant in the center of Kiev. The general light was thought out to show the texture of materials. For this purpose, the lamps were located at the bottom along the brick walls, illuminating them vertically with a sliding light.

Against the background of such dim lighting, special accents are made with craft glass lamps: they are glass spheres on leather belts and a huge boat made of many glass balls.

The boat is a spectacular dominant of the interior, and there is a separate light source in each its ball component.

Lamps from individual large balls as well as the boat were made of glass with elements of leather and metal according to our sketches. In each ball, there are two sources of light: one provides the illumination of the entire ball, the second creates a accent light on the tables.

The olive trees in the interior are highlighted with a soft light; together with the lighting of the walls, they make up a concise background for the chandeliers.