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The main feature of this project was BIODYNAMIC lighting.
The change in the spectrum and intensity of light in the office is programmed in accordance with similar parameters of sunlight. This made it possible to create the atmosphere of maximum comfort for work.

The task that the yoddesignlab team set before us:
- to fill the space with light, preserving the atmosphere.
- place accents on details and invoices
- highlight the significant and muffle the secondary.

In the crazy rhythm of the metropolis, attention is constantly dissipated. What to say about the negotiations in which sometimes half the day is like.
We have developed and realized the possibility, through interactive systems on the tablets, to manage the emotional state that creates different light scenarios in the negotiations.

And what about the light, bright and flooding the whole space? Without it, the office is not an office.

In the implementation of the project, we went from brightness to muffledness. Soft, diffused light fills most of the office. Workplaces and important accents are highlighted with bright spots.